Intellectual Property Law Webinar Series: Building a Brand

  • 4.8.2014 | -


David Cavanaugh

Join us for a five-part series on the steps your organization can take to legally protect its trade name, copyright its materials and safe guard the security of its proprietary information. For most nonprofits, their names, logos and material they distribute are an integral part of their brand and reputation. Plus their materials may be a valuable revenue source. In an increasingly electronic environment, the legal rules surrounding intellectual property can be confusing.

This webinar series, sponsored by WilmerHale and Lawyers Clearinghouse, will discuss the basics of trademark and copyright law, and how they apply to your nonprofit; how to create a strong identity for your nonprofit, so that you can raise awareness of your organization in the community and increase your organization’s legal right to protect its intellectual property; how to legally protect your organization’s proprietary information, including manuals, curricula, teaching materials and other nonpublic information; and the legal ins and outs about how to carry out your organization’s activities via the Internet—including how the Internet can impact the steps your organization takes to protect its reputation and other intellectual property.

WilmerHale Partner David Cavanaugh and Senior Associate Natalie Pous presented during the second webinar entitled "Building a Brand."