Legal Landmines: What to Know When Starting Your Start-up

  • 11.5.2013 | 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Campus @ Communispace
    290 Congress Street
    Boston, Massachusetts 02210


Mick Bain , Jason Kropp

Starting a new company is hard, but putting in place the right legal framework for your business doesn’t have to be. Learn how to avoid the most common costly mistakes when starting your company from Emerging Company Partners Mick Bain and Jason Kropp. If you misstep early, it could cost you big later, making it more challenging or even impossible to build a successful business.

Did you know you can be liable for three-times a person’s wages for failure to pay? This class will give you the knowledge to save yourself from many lethal mistakes. Having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and start-ups, topics for discussion include:

  • founders' equity overviews;
  • employee compensation and options;
  • raising capital: do’s and don’ts;
  • independent contractors and interns;
  • avoiding personal liability; and
  • legal entity: choosing the best type for your business.