2023 M&A Report

  • Joseph Conahan, Hal Leibowitz, Dana Bradley, Jane Cha, Ben Goldfein, Giuliana Green, Daniel Halston, Edward Hasen, Emily Ivers, Adi Iyer, Meghan McDuff, Connor McRory, Joseph Minko, Matthew O'Malley, Helen Park, David Westenberg, Wei Xiao, Karen Zhang
  • 3.31.2023

The 2023 M&A Report offers a global M&A market review and outlook, as well as insights on the following topics: 

  • Trends in takeover defenses for public companies.
  • Recent cases that have placed Delaware corporations in a stronger position to limit shareholder books and records demands.
  • How deal terms compare in public and private company acquisitions.
  • Trends in VC-backed company M&A deal terms.