Hilary Baker-Jennings


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That’s the fun thing about working with – the people are just awesome.

Experience: I like working with companies and seeing where they started and where they end up. Working with smaller companies, we have the chance to see all aspects of the business, and can be business partners as much as we are legal partners. We’re not just working with other lawyers at a big company. At a , we have the chance to work with everyone at the company – the scientists, the business people, the finance people.

Proud moment: I had been working with a smaller tech company for several years on multiple of financing, but they were still struggling. Then out of nowhere, they got in an inbound acquisition interest, resulting in a very positive exit event via this M&A transaction, which we were able to handle for them.  

Off the clock:  Doing fun activities with my four-year-old and two-year-old. I love going for walks with them, going to the library. I’m hoping to start baking with them soon – but at the moment, it’s just a spill waiting to happen. I’m also trying to get back into playing more music – flute and classical piano. 

Representative Experience:

  • Rectify Pharmaceuticals, a developer of therapies to treat genetic disorders using small molecule correctors of ABC transporters, in its $96 million Series A financing round.
  • Flare Therapeutics, a biotechnology company leveraging the power of “switch sites” as druggable regions that hold the control for predictable and profound changes in DNA transcription and gene expression, in its $82 million Series A financing round and $125 million Series B financing.
  • Volastra Therapeutics, a biotechnology company focused on developing novel therapies for patients with metastatic cancers, in its $20 million Series A financing round.


JD, Harvard Law School, 2016

BA, English and Medieval Studies, Rice University, 2011

Bar Admissions



Venture Capital


Industries: Life Sciences, Technology
Life Sciences: Biotech, Pharmaceutical
Technology: Energy, Clean Tech, Software (includes SAAS and Cloud computing)