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I love that I get to work with so many people with amazing ideas. Most people—including entrepreneurs—get to work with only two or three companies during their careers. I’ve worked with hundreds of companies. I’ve seen lots of impressive management teams work through adversity to build great companies. And I’ve seen lots of really good ideas fail because of bad decisions or poor execution. I like working with because I can call upon these many points of reference to help my clients make good business decisions and increase their chances of success.

Launch Moment: I met Doron Harlev and Leon Amariglio when they were both finishing up business school. They were looking to develop and commercialize some technology based on research conducted at Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences & Technology. I liked them both immediately. They were good guys and they were very smart. But what I liked most about the idea of working with them was that they were developing a technology that was near and dear to my heart. My father had passed away six years earlier due to complications from a very invasive type of heart surgery. Doron and Leon’s company was called Rhythmia Medical, and they developed a much less invasive way of performing the surgery that had led to my father’s death. We incorporated the company, and helped them navigate several of funding and strategic collaboration and eventually sell the company to Boston Scientific. Not only was the exit a successful transaction for the investors, founders and the company’s other employees, Rhythmia Medical changed the way doctors treat people with heart conditions like the one my father had. I’m proud to have played a small part in helping Doron and Leon in that accomplishment.

Favorite App: IMDB. It is full of great information and movie quotes. And it has ended many debates in my house about movie trivia...

Daily Reads: I've always been into historyparticularly WWII history. One of my favorite books about WWII is "Ghost Soldiers" by Hampton Sides. Also, the "Idiots Guide to Golf"although that hasn't helped my game much.

Off the Clock: I have great kids and the best wife. We love to travel and laugh together. I'm also an avid hockey fan, and I love to play hockey as much as I can (especially with my kids who are now better than me). Fitting a round of golf in here and there isn't a bad thing either!

Funny Story: I grew up on a small farm. We had sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, cowsyou name it, we had it. My favorite "farm chore" as a kid was feeding the pigs. We had a friend that owned a Dunkin' Donuts and he would give us the day-old donuts to fatten the pigs up with. That was the best: "one for you, pig, and one for me; two for you, pig, two for me...".


JD, Boston University School of Law

BA, Providence College

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Corporate, Emerging Company, Venture Capital, M&A, Securities


Technology: Mobile, Telecom, Infrastructure, Digital Media, Software (includes SAAS and Cloud computing), Materials Sciences (includes nanotechnology, semiconductors, etc.), Energy, Clean Tech, Consumer, Fin Tech, Ed Tech, Healthcare IT, Services, Big Data