Molly  Fox

Molly Fox


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I like being able to develop a relationship with my clients and to learn about their business and watch them grow over time. It’s wonderful to have a hand in this growth and see a client transform through of funding and ultimately an IPO from a small to a thriving , and to celebrate this success together. I also like that working with can be more hands on, and can allow us to be more involved with the client, instead of just seeing one small piece of a bigger picture.

Favorite App: The one that controls our Sonos speakers. Or our Nest. Or that allows me to get live video from our baby monitor. Also, Wunderlist.

Daily Reads: My Feedly stream and social media feeds are a mix of business, law, pop culture, parenting, and food and style blogs.

Off the Clock: I like to spend time with my family, travel and watch movies or TV series.

Funny Story: I have both dropped my keys down an elevator shaft (through the space where the doors close) and been stuck, alone, in a glass elevator in a shopping mall at closing time. Both are funny in hindsight!


JD, Boston College Law School, 2006

BA, Communications, Boston College, 2001

Bar Admissions

Massachusetts, New York