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I love taking a deep dive into what makes a successful tick. In order to negotiate a debt finance deal that will work over the long-term for my clients, I have to know about their assets and what gives them value, their cash flows, fixed costs, future business plans – the list goes on and on. It is a great joy to sit down with founders and entrepreneurs to learn about what makes them successful. I always walk away having learned something new.

Experience: I help businesses raise new capital in the debt markets to accelerate growth. Every has its own story and unique needs, which means every deal I touch looks a little different. The variety and the excitement that comes with that is incredibly interesting and engaging. I also love working with founders, who are brilliant and talented business people, but often unfamiliar with the type of contracts that will govern their arrangements.  This dynamic creates an opportunity for me to sit in a true business advisor role and show them, often for the first time, how to navigate this part of the finance world, which I find to be meaningful and satisfying work. 

Memorable moment: I love that I am able to provide advice that has an immediate impact on real people. Recently, a retail client was in a tough cash situation and came to me to help them refinance their debt just before it matured. It was a complex deal with a low chance of success, but we were able to get it closed at the 11th hour. We got a call from the founder just after the wire hit. He was at their warehouse preparing to lay off 50-plus employees if the deal didn’t close that morning. He attributed their ongoing employment to our advice, which brought home the real-life stakes of our work. 

Off the clock: I’m in Colorado, so all things active and outdoors: snowboarding, mountain biking, running, hiking, golf, and paddle boarding. 

Listen to this: Lately I’ve been listening to a podcast called Huberman Lab. The host, Andrew Huberman, looks at science-based tools for optimizing your health, like looking at the sun each morning to set circadian rhythms. So, you might see me with my morning coffee, starting at the sun. 

A funny story: When I first moved to Colorado, I was a wedding DJ – at a time when they still used CDs. Part of my job was to check the CDs for scratches before the events, lest the mother-son dance ended up in a skip. Of course, the one time I didn’t check, it skips – right in the middle of “You are the Sunshine of My Life” for a mother-son dance. I did not get a tip after that gig.

Representative Matters:

  • Represented Lookout Inc., an endpoint and cloud security solutions company, in its $150 million term loan facility.
  • Represented UNTUCKit, a retail apparel brand, in its $30 million senior secured term loan from Second Avenue Capital Partners.
  • Represented Tessian Inc., a leading cloud email security platform, as borrower of a $25 million term loan facility.


JD, University of Michigan Law School, 2012

BA, English, Truman State University, 2005

Bar Admissions

Colorado, Illinois, New York




Life Sciences: Biotech, Healthcare, Medical Devices
Technology: Big Data, Consumer, Digital Media, Ed Tech, Energy, Clean Tech, Fin Tech, Software (includes SAAS and Cloud computing), Materials Sciences (includes nanotechnology, semiconductors, etc.), Services, Healthcare IT