E. Thom Rumberger

Palo Alto

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What I like most about working with is being an important part of the roller coaster ride of the founder(s), then the early team, then the expansion team, of individuals who, in successful companies, coalesce around a common mission and vision. Investors may be venture funds, corporations or just but ultimately they are also just people who take big (usually measured and informed) risks with their or other’s money in betting on a typically ever evolving idea and the team’s execution of it. This combined team is continually faced with decisions to make, and having and sharing the experience to help guide them, often under the extreme time and consequences pressure attendant to , is remarkably fulfilling.

Launch Moment: It’s a classic one, but seeing a number of my founder clients, who become my friends, bet nearly everything they have, get ignored and kicked to the curb endlessly, push through, find others to believe, and then have a life changing event.

Experience: I have substantial experience advising founders, investors and companies on formation, , employment issues, , early- and late-stage venture capital and , strategic commercial agreements and mergers and acquisitions. In addition, I have been instrumental in helping foreign and growth-stage companies establish a presence in the United States. 

Daily ReadsSF Chronicle, WSJ, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, My Yahoo page. The Master and the Margarita (Bulgakov). 

Favorite App: Weather channel, Sky Guide (gps space app)

Off the Clock: Hanging with my family and dogs at home, my friends and family on weekends and holiday, soccer (Chelsea and the Quakes), snowboarding (Kirkwood), dirt bikes (CRF250X), scuba diving (all over but especially with my oldest daughter whose pursuing marine bio), hiking, travel, adventure generally, reading or watching anything about technology and the future.

Funny Story: Sadly or fortunately that’s an overwhelming question. Know me long enough and you’ll have one…


LLM, London School of Economics, 1993

JD, University of Florida Levin College of Law, 1989

BA, History, Wake Forest University, 1986

Bar Admissions



Corporate, Emerging Company, Venture Capital


Industries: Life Sciences, Technology
Life Sciences: Healthcare, Medical Devices
Technology: Big Data, Consumer, Digital Media, Ed Tech, Energy, Clean Tech, Fin Tech, Healthcare IT, Materials Sciences (includes nanotechnology, semiconductors, etc.), Mobile, Telecom, Infrastructure, Services, Software (includes SAAS and Cloud computing)