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Agreements with employees

Every employee of the company should have a standard letter that sets forth the general terms and conditions of their employment and states that they are “at-will” employees. This means that they can leave the company at any time (although their rights to retain their shares or exercise their will depend on the vesting terms), and also that the company can terminate their employment at any time—with or without cause. They should also sign an agreement with the company where they agree to keep the company’s information confidential, assign their rights to any developed intellectual property to the company and, in most states, agree not to compete with the company for a period of time following their employment.

To be enforceable, it is important that the employees sign these agreements upon their initial employment—their employment should be conditioned upon them signing these agreements. Otherwise, they may not be enforceable or the company will have to pay additional compensation in order to make them enforceable. View the forms you need in our Document Generator.  

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