2024 IPO, Venture Capital and M&A Reports

  • 3.21.2024

WilmerHale’s annual IPO, Venture Capital and M&A reports offer detailed insights into market conditions and provide comprehensive statistics and thoughtful analysis.

The 2024 IPO Report offers a detailed IPO market review and outlook, plus useful market metrics and need-to-know information for pre-IPO companies on the following topics:

  • A review of EGC election practices and how they continue to evolve;
  • How the duty of oversight applies to directors and officers, too;
  • Reverse mergers as an alternative to an IPO;
  • How recent SEC enforcement actions highlight the importance of D&O questionnaires;
  • The pros and cons of an Employee Purchase Plan (ESPP);
  • Preparing for beneficial ownership reporting and an overview of new SEC rules for ; and
  • A preview of recently expanded and auditing standards.

The 2024 Venture Capital Report offers an in-depth US venture capital market analysis and outlook, including industry and regional breakdowns, and insights on the following topics:

  • The rise and fall of large financing over recent years;
  • A discussion of the changing landscape for noncompetes and issues employers should consider;
  • Key considerations and the process for private company ;
  • Financing considerations for and enhanced regulatory scrutiny regarding defense tech ; and
  • Trends in venture capital financing deal terms, including a summary of data in convertible note, SAFE, and transactions and in M&A transactions involving venture-backed companies.

The 2024 M&A Report offers a global M&A market review and outlook, as well as insights on the following topics: 

  • Usage of common takeover defenses;
  • Key developments in a rapidly evolving US antitrust enforcement environment;
  • A recently announced DOJ M&A Policy;
  • A comparison of deal terms in public and private company acquisitions; and
  • Trends in VC-backed company M&A deal terms.

The relevant reports also showcase prominent recent capital markets, venture capital and M&A transactions.