In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of February 24, 2019

  • 3.1.2019

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

7 Tips for Biotech Companies Seeking Capital in a Volatile Market
Biotech companies garnered over a whopping $6.3 billion in IPO in 2018. As companies are trending toward earlier, uncertainty and volatility are pressing concerns. In this Xconomy article by WilmerHale's Cynthia Mazareas and Craig Hilts, read about how to keep investors engaged for the long-term and execute financings from a position of strength.

Untapped Opportunity: Minority Founders Still Being Overlooked
There’s a difference between talking the talk and walking the walk, and that difference is money. Recent studies show the diversity needle in venture capital is barely moving, and experts reject that it is a problem. Check out this article from Crunchbase to keep a pulse on what VCs are doing to change the status quo.

The Real Reason It's Hard for Startups to Scale Internationally
From product-market fit, to localization paradox, some face difficulties growing internationally. Don’t fret, there are ways to anticipate these challenges and avoid pitfalls. Learn some tips on how to conduct effective product research and scale internationally in this Forbes article.

Facing Rejection as a Female Founder
How many “no’s” make a solid “yes”? Anticipating your rejections and being systematic about reviewing them may be the key to finding a Yes. Check out how to hone resiliency and respond to rejections in this article by Entrepreneur.

Links compiled by Morgan Monroe.