In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of May 19, 2019

  • 5.24.2019

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Not So Fast…the (Unexpected) Consequences of Allowing Your Employees to Early Exercise Options
There are times when the early exercising of , that are exercised before they are vested, is the right fit. WilmerHale's Ciara Baker and Kim Wethly share some of the obstacles could face, and they also offer some tips if you are considering allowing early exercise.

To Scale Startups, Female Founders Think Beyond VC
Although women founders receive less than 3% of venture capital, they have not let this harm the success of their growing companies. This article highlights the key points from a discussion led by Babson College’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership, in which female founders detail the creative ways to build their business without any venture financing. It’s a nice reminder to entrepreneurs that there are different paths on the road to success that do not include venture capital.

Why Founders Should Focus on Productivity Instead of Efficiency
Efficiency and productivity are sometimes used as synonyms, however they do not mean the same thing. Many businesses think taking a “less is more” approach can be the best way to run a business but that’s not always true, especially when it comes to building the right teams. Read this article to learn the ways in which the focus of productivity can lead to inspiring employees and in turn generating more success for the business.

4 Hiring Practices That Create Workplace Drama
Hiring the right people for a company is critical in building and maintaining the culture of the business. This article outlines four common issues that arise when hiring managers do not have a clear understanding of the company’s goals in acquiring new talent.

Everything You Need to Know to Pitch an Investor
Making your case for venture capital financing can be intimidating, but this article highlights five points to focus on when pitching your business to potential investors. From discussing the details of the potential market of your business to selling the investors on your own personality and work ethic as CEO, there are several ways to win over future investors. This article also applies certain points to actual pitches given by CEOs of companies like Lyft and Square, and how these methods were effective for them in creating their success.

10 Ways To Win An Investment From An Angel
Women make up 30% of all investors, yet female founders are less likely to receive money from angels. This article provides 10 guidelines to consider when working to get investments from angels, specifically in scenarios where women are approached differently by angels.

Links compiled by Jenny Moore.