In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of July 7, 2019

  • 7.12.2019

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Building a Startup That Will Last
The success of a company is measured by the rate of its growth, but more often than not, perseverance and sustainability are paramount to building a successful company. This HBR article discusses the essential strategic principles every early-stage company should critically contemplate to endure in this rapidly changing market.

Digital Health is Growing Fast—But at What Cost?
Like all early stage companies in Silicon Valley, companies in digital health industry must focus on growth to thrive. But should companies in the health industry be held to a different standard? This article by TechCrunch peers into the dark trend in the digital health industry when the focus of the company is predominantly skewed towards a pursuit of successful growth over everything else.

10 Ways to Save Money as a Startup
Everyone wants to save money, so are you using all the tools available to save money for your company? Here are some notable tips: if you are a software company, do not build custom software early or share an office with investors. For more, check out this article from Forbes.

What Startup Employees Can Teach the Rest of Us About Work
After interviewing 25 first hires, researching more than 50 venture capitalists, academics, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and early-stage employees and reflecting his own experiences as a employee, this author compiled, in this article from HBR, the best practices for employees that will help them navigate within the company through a successful exit event.

The Q2 2019 Global Venture Capital Report: A Market Gone Sideways
With the second quarter of 2019 behind us, this Crunchbase article reports and projects from the global venture market trends for the latest quarter using a metric called “Money In versus Money Out.” The Money In metric covers how much was invested in . The Money Out metric reviews acquisitions, IPOs and other notable events. Spoiler alert: the IPO is on the rise.

The State of Venture Funding in 2019 in Seven Graphs
Sick of reading articles? Here is a visual representation of the 2019 venture financing landscape in seven helpful graphs from Medium.

Links compiled by Lugar Choi.