In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of July 21, 2019

  • 7.26.2019

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Why Aren’t Investors Responding to Me?
Elevator pitches do not work as well when they are being left unread in someone’s inbox. Avoid that issue by reading this AlleyWatch article to understand why investors may not be as responsive to certain forms of communication. The article also lists a few tips to more effectively get through to the investor you are dying to work with.

Why Advisory Boards are Important for Growing Businesses
Advisory boards can provide expertise in areas of the business world that an entrepreneur or new business has not yet experiences. Advisors can help provide different perspective in certain situations and lead the business to the best result. Read this article by Forbes for a summary on how advisory boards can be a huge asset to an early business and how to make the most out of your advisory board when you make the decision to form one.

The Future of Startups Is in Europe
Silicon Valley is recognized around the world as the hub for entrepreneurs and their new businesses. However, this Forbes article argues that the future of may be in Europe, highlighting certain advantages that are starting to attract certain US investors. The key to Europe’s future is European entrepreneurs learning to take their own businesses to the next level, but it also may be a suitable expansion area for investors looking to diversify. 

Why This Founder Sold His Company to 'the Most Boring People in the Universe'
Choosing the time to sell your business is a difficult decision. This founder shares his journey of growing his business for years, but recognizing the right time to put it in someone else’s hands. Although many would find that to be an emotional decision, read this article by to see how he compares it to “buying a stick of gum.” 

What Startups Should Know to Thrive in a Downturn
Entrepreneurs should always be prepared for the natural ebbs and flows of the business world. This Crunchbase article points out the ways in which entrepreneurs can thrive (rather than just survive) during an economic downturn. For example, should have a plan set to cover for any vulnerable areas of their business in order to stay ahead when times get tough.  

Links compiled by Jenny Moore.