In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of August 25, 2019

  • 8.30.2019

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

4 Tips for Managing Organizational Change
Business leaders often push for institutional change as a way to differentiate themselves from competitors. However, according a McKinsey study, only 26% of transformation initiatives succeed. This HBR article suggests that change is more likely to fail when it is driven from the top by way of bribes, coercion, and shaming, and is more likely to succeed when driven through empowerment. Check out this article for a discussion of several ways that business leaders can promote institutional change by enabling those within their organizations to drive change themselves. 

Benching Your VC: The Employee Buyout Playbook
For many , there will come a day when investors place pressure on the founders and executive officers to sell the company. However, as a founder or executive officer, you may believe that the company has untapped potential to grow. This article from VentureBeat discusses the difficult decision that must be made by the company, and several ways that founders and high level executives can buy their freedom from these investors.  

Five Ways Startups Can Harness The Power Of Positive Thinking
Entrepreneurs and employees of early stage invariably assume a great deal of risk and are often faced with challenging decisions. For these reasons, it is important to maintain a positive perspective and not become bogged down by the inevitable “nos” and challenges faced. This Forbes article discusses the importance of optimism for an entrepreneur, and provides five ways that can harness the power of positive thinking to build a successful company. 

Why Employees Are an Entrepreneur’s Best Investment 
As an entrepreneur, it is easy to become focused on raising capital, marketing your business and developing a product. However, the value of the employees you bring on board should not be overlooked. This article by Entrepreneur discusses why employees are an entrepreneur’s “best investment” and how investing time and money in developing your workforce can help your organization thrive.

Links compiled by Elizabeth Brasher.