In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of May 24, 2020

  • 5.28.2020

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

6 Startup Exit Strategies That Investors Will Accept
One of the first questions a potential equity investor will is about your exit strategy. Check out this article by AlleyWatch, which explores six of the most common exit strategies that investors will accept, ranging from an initial public offering to a of assets and cash out of investors.

8 Questions Employers Should Ask About Reopening
Employers must now begin considering how to open their workplaces after months of restrictions. Learn about the eight major questions employers should consider while moving towards a reopening of their businesses in this article by Harvard Business Review.

During Uncertain Times, Your Startup Should be a Camel, Not a Unicorn. Here's How to Be Prepared.
Camels can survive without food or water for months. This article by Entrepreneur explores the importance of operating akin to a camel as opposed to a unicorn during these uncertain times.

Understanding VC Cycles for Post-Pandemic Success
Timing is everything. Check out this article by VentureBeat, which explores the four venture capital stages, including (1) Triage; (2) Market Exploration; (3) Risk-averse Investing; and (4) Opportunity, and how CEOs and entrepreneurs should proceed during such stages.

Majority of Startups Consider Downsizing Offices, Survey Finds
A survey comprised of more than 500 founders of venture-backed companies found that 66% of CEOs are considering downsizing or limiting their offices, while 71% anticipate permitting their employees to work from home even after their offices reopen. Check out this article by Commercial Observer, which explores the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on companies’ willingness to increase remote work.

Links compiled by Korey Cowan.