In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of May 31, 2020

  • 6.5.2020

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

The One Question You Never Want VCs to Ask After Your Pitch
As a , why do you never want a VC to you to share your financial post-pitch? Ultimately, a VC asking for financial signals that the founders didn’t pitch properly. Check out this Medium article to learn about the different reasons inventors for financial , the problem with traditional financial , and a better way to model a company’s financials.

COVID-19’s Impact on Early Stage Venture Capital 
COVID-19’s impact on the economy has led founders and investors to wonder exactly how venture capital deals are being impacted. This article from Medium explores the volume at which VCs are doing deals, the certain industries deemed more resilient during this uncertain time, trends relating to deal size, and whether your should raise capital now or hold off.

Founders, Leadership Teams and the Glue That Binds Successful Startups  
Are you looking to build a high-performing team for your ? Check out this article by Forbes to better understand the dynamics behind effective team management, the considerations to focus on when assembling a team, and the importance of internal cohesion and flexibility.

3 Ways to Grow Your Small Business (Even if You're Still Closed) 
Small non-essential businesses are struggling while their doors are closed due to the pandemic. Read this article for helpful suggestions on how to keep your business growing despite being closed.

7 Reasons to Avoid Stealth Mode for Your Startup 
founders oftentimes avoid revealing details about their ideas and progress due to fear their ideas will be stolen and others will beat them to the market. However, in order for a to achieve success, the need for visibility and feedback may outweigh the need to operate in stealth mode. Check out this AlleyWatch article for seven key reasons why visibility can be more advantageous.

Links compiled by Lauren Roberts.