In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of October 4, 2020

  • 10.9.2020

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Startup Funding: Sources and Challenges for New Businesses
This article details the most common funding sources for entrepreneurs. From a survey of 501 US founders, the authors found that 57% start their businesses using personal finances, 22% family and friends and 13% finance their businesses with credit cards. More than two-thirds of founders were able to find enough funding to finance their ventures within six months of launching.

How venture capital can increase diversity where it matters most
The author of this article has created a rider to increase representation on a company’s . The rider calls for firms to make commercial best efforts to include as a co-investor in a financing at least one Black person or of another underrepresented group. Twenty-two venture capital firms have signed onto this initiative. The advantages to adopting the rider include giving diverse investors a way into the otherwise exclusive world of venture capital and enabling to be connected to different networks than they otherwise might be.

5 less-than-obvious techniques for startup survival during the pandemic
This article recommends ways to rethink the ways your is functioning during the pandemic. For example, a founder may want to look at what costs can be cut before looking to the venture capital world to cover the shortfall. Founders may also want to take the opportunity to rebrand or refresh their ’s business model or branding, or seek the counsel of a business mentor who can share their experiences on navigating uncertain times.

How to Give Employee Feedback Effectively (and Why It Matters)
Giving feedback to employees can have many positive effects including reinforcing good behaviors, reducing bad behaviors, and building trust and confidence. This article gives tips on how to give effective feedback, including giving formal and informal feedback, giving positive feedback publicly and keeping negative feedback privately, and “sandwiching” critical feedback between two positive compliments.

Reopening Your Office? 5 Above-And-Beyond COVID-19 Precautions
As businesses and organizations in the US plan on transitioning slowly back into the office, there are many techniques being developed by vendors that companies can use to help reduce COVID-19’s . Besides social distancing and mask wearing, companies are also investing in technology that treats the air with UV light to sanitize it, disinfects rooms from above with sanitizers mounted to the lights and uses thermal imaging to help detect workers with high temperatures. This article highlights vendors who have developed innovative COVID-19 precautions.

Links compiled by Gerard Fischetti.