In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of November 1, 2020

  • 11.6.2020

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Why 100% Of Venture Capital Can Be Explained In One 4-Letter Word
There are many attempts at explaining venture capital, defining its role in the growth of a company and its importance for founders. Founders should understand, however, what VC means to investors—and this article has the four-letter word to sum it up.

3 Ways to Manage Risk During Uncertain Times
"Uncertainty” may be the only certain thing we’ve had this week—for , the risk that comes with that uncertainty can be disproportionately disruptive. This article sets forth three ways to manage that risk, taking a cue from insurance companies, who specialize in managing risk.

How Will COVID-19 Impact the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs?
The 2008 recession gave rise to a whole new world of companies, playing into the gig economy with ventures like Airbnb and UberEats. What will the next generation of entrepreneurs learn from COVID-19, and how will their companies change how we see things? This article has some predictions.

How This Week’s VC Funding Freeze Compares To Election Years Past
Has this past week been slow because of the election? This article compares funding activity over the past several election weeks with what we saw this week to see whether we’re slower than usual. 

VCs Say Lessons From COVID-19 May Push Funding, Dealmaking Past Political Uncertainty
Between the election and COVID, there’s a lot up in the air these days. This article takes a look at COVID’s impact on dealmaking, and whether political uncertainty is the dealbreaker many have thought.

Why The Next President Must Elevate The Entrepreneur To Spark A Recovery
In 2009, supporting high-growth was at the center of the recovery effort out of DC. As we move forward from this election and look to supporting the economy impacted by COVID, this article makes the case for focusing on entrepreneurship. 

Links compiled by Benn Waters.