In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of January 10, 2021

  • 1.15.2021

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Trump Administration Increases Salary Requirements for H-1B Visa Holders 
The Trump Administration has recently promulgated a new rule increasing the prevailing wages which must be paid to holders of H-1B visas for highly skilled foreign workers. This WilmerHale alert touches upon the administrative and legal history of the rule, the proposed wage changes which it would implement, and the possibility of the incoming Biden Administration delaying or stopping the rule entirely.

4 Ways Your Company Can Have Great Success in 2021
2020 may be in the rear-view mirror, but uncertainty regarding the pandemic and the economy remain. Business leaders should consider how best to position their company going into 2021, adapt to new and relevant trends, and think proactively about how to protect against rainy days. This article from Forbes highlights strategies which may help business leaders to make these decisions going into 2021.

This Is What the New PPP Guidelines Mean for Startups 
The federal government has devoted an additional $284 billion to assist businesses through Paycheck Protection Program loans, or PPP loans, in the recent stimulus package. However, this new set of PPP loans comes with different, and in some cases more stringent, requirements of which and other businesses must be cognizant. This article from Crunchbase provides an overview of these new requirements and some key differences compared to last year’s PPP loan program.

Inadequate Federal Privacy Regulations Leave US Startups Lagging Behind Europe 
Several countries have introduced sweeping privacy laws (such as the GDPR in Europe), but the United States has not passed any such national privacy law. Stricter privacy laws appear facially burdensome to companies, but increased privacy regulation in other countries may potentially cause United States companies to face competitive disadvantages against foreign competitors. This article from TechCrunch explores this dynamic and its effect on companies based in the United States.

The “Dozen-Bagel” Secret to Preserving Startup Spirit as Your Company Grows 
Growing a can entail launching new products, building out whole departments, and hiring team . As a grows, entrepreneurs should take care to preserve the same urgency, agility, and ease of communication from the ’s early days. This book excerpt in FastCompany describes how creating small, driven teams of about ten people (“enough to be fed by a dozen bagels”) can help foster such an environment as a grows. 

Links compiled by Chris Gravallese.