In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of January 17, 2021

  • 1.22.2021

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Democratic FTC Commissioner Merger Dissents: A Roadmap for the Future?
With inauguration this week, there has been a lot of attention on changes the new administration will bring. One such change will be in the FTC and Antitrust Division, where the Biden Administration will shift the balance to a Democratic majority, expected to result in a more interventionist merger enforcement approach. This WilmerHale client alert explores how enforcement may develop if it were to follow dissents issued by prior Democratic commissioners.

North American Venture Investment Rose in 2020, Culminating With Big Exits And A Strong Q4 
Despite a global pandemic, widespread unemployment and escalating small-business closures, funding for and growth-stage private companies in North America was actually up year over year across all company stages. Overall, venture investors put in more than $150 billion, up around 7% from 2019 levels. This Crunchbase article breaks down investments by a number of different metrics and time periods.

How to Set Up an Ethics Advisory Board 
An Ethics Advisory Board, if set up properly, can provide real value and crucial perspectives from diverse external stakeholders on many decisions a business is faced with. However, if sufficient attention isn’t given to setting up the EAB to begin with, they may not work out as planned. This article from Harvard Business Review advice on how to create an EAB that provides your business with the key guidance it may need to navigate ethically fraught decisions throughout its lifecycle.

5 Ways Startup Marketing Has Changed in the Past 5 Years
The world is known for a move-fast-and-break-things attitude, and for adapting quickly to change. Even so, in just the past year, technological development has had to occur even more rapidly than expected due to COVID-19. Marketing, in particular, has undergone enormous change, from advances in social media to conversational AI. This EU article details 5 such changes, with more predictions for the future.

Dallas-Fort Worth Leads the Way as a Top Metro for Minority-Owned Startups
There are nearly 170,000 minority-owned in the US Dallas-Fort Worth ranks in the top 10 regions for such , based on percentage of all in the region. Two other Texas cities, San Antonio and Houston, also make the top 10 list. This article from Culture Map Dallas discusses some of the data and trends in minority-owned nationwide.

Links compiled by Meghan Muncey.