In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of February 7, 2021

  • 2.12.2021

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

What Impact Investors Can Learn from the Organizations They Work With 
A recent study shows investors expect to double their to sustainable and impact investing in the next five years. This HBR article explores the various ways in which investors can work on the social and environmental problems that they want to help fix, which in turn will help the sector(s) grow to the scale needed.

Is Your Midsize Company Designed for a Post-Pandemic Future? 
Midsize companies, which often have to compete with larger, global corporations should take this time to design their organizations for a post-Covid world. This article from HBR discusses strategies to help midsize company leaders approach this opportunity thoughtfully, including making real-estate decisions by keeping long-term facilities needs in mind and bringing technology up to speed as fast as the company’s budget allows. 

What Startup Founders are Saying on Creating Sustainable Work Cultures
In this FastCompany article, the head of Slack Fund, Slack’s venture capital arm, shares what founders he has interacted with consider to be at the top of their list of priorities this year, including creating equitable employee experiences, providing top-notch health benefits and planning a workplace for the future.   

I Was a Control Freak. Here’s How I Let It All Go and Became a Better Leader
In the early days of a , founders may need to have their hands in everything, from product strategy to support to office management and bookkeeping. This article by FastCompany discusses how founders can adjust as the company grows bigger and enable others to autonomously lead certain functions instead of getting in the way.

10 Ways to Get Funds For Your Startup Business
Most entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of getting funding to get their off the ground. This FifeFreePress article suggests ten ways to obtain funding, including taking out a SBA loan, seeking , product pre-sales and purchase order financing.

Links compiled by Shafi Armatis.