In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of February 14, 2021

  • 2.19.2021

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Research: To Reduce Gender Bias in Hiring, Make Your Shortlist Longer
The tech industry is a classic example where only 10% of executive-level roles are held by women. As we begin scratch the surface of the role implicit bias plays in our decision making, companies are taking notice of ways to break out of the traditional norms to pursue diversity in the workplace. The latest research, published in Nature Human Behavior in January 2021, provides a simple way to attenuate gender bias: make your informal shortlist longer. In this HBR article, the researchers of the study explain the mechanics behind the research and why creating a longer shortlist increases gender diversity.

Investors are Missing Out on Black Founders 
In this TechCrunch article, Craig J. Lewis, the founder and CEO of Gig Wage, a simplified fintech payroll platform built for contract workers, discusses the challenges of being a black founder and provides helpful advice. How did he successfully navigate through the start up industry despite the disparities that often plague the Black entrepreneurs? He embraces what he calls, “Black brilliance”.

Make Time for Small Talk in Your Virtual Meetings
Pre-COVID era, executives often had pre-meeting “gathering time” where casual chat between colleagues took place. Now, with meetings held via Zoom, those few minutes of gathering time has vanished and often casual conversations have seeped into the meeting. With increased reports of “Zoom-fatigue”, how can executives rebalance the time spent on casual conversations and substantive topics in a meeting? This article by HBR introduces four ways to plan the meeting to allow for—and even expect—casual conversations, including making small talk an agenda item and not an afterthought.

The Critical Thing Entrepreneurs Rarely Consider…Until It’s Too Late 
While entrepreneurs’ strengths are often linked to the skills involved in “starting” a venture, “finishing” is one of the last things entrepreneurs consider when running a business. Often, succession planning becomes an afterthought until they are ready to retire. This article by Entrepreneur provides helpful jumping points for entrepreneurs to put together a succession planning.

Here’s Why Your Business Needs a Termination Policy
In almost all of the states in the United States, employment is at-will. As a result, job insecurities often harm morale and increase the risk for wrongful termination lawsuits. This Business News Daily article suggests having a termination policy, an official document that lays out the grounds and process for firing employees, and provides helpful guide on what a termination policy should include.

Links compiled by Lugar Choi.