In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of February 28, 2021

  • 3.5.2021

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Yes, 2021 Is Shaping Up as a Wild Year for Supergiant Rounds. We Break Down Where the Money Is Going
Just when we thought things might slow down in the venture capital space, several funding of $100 million or more have been taking off and it’s only March. These have primarily come in the transportation and financial services sectors, although software and healthcare have also benefited. This Crunchbase article discusses the “supergiant” funding trend and where companies will go next.

Women Fight for Funding in Man’s World of Tech Startups
Women entrepreneurs, while making strides with their ideas, still face significant barriers in the male-dominated world of venture capital. This article by TechHQ reflects on how being a woman, and especially a woman of color in this space finds many women founders in situations where they may have to work much harder to prove themselves.

Humans Before Hype: This Investing Method Would Make VC More Inclusive
When thinking about which company to invest in, should investors be driven by the hype and press surrounding that business or look to the founder and their personal connection to why they started? This article from FastCompany argues that “conviction-investing,” or investing in someone you really believe in can lead to a more equitable venture ecosystem, a better founder-market fit, and commitment to actually solving the problem.

A Founder has an Identity Mini-Crisis After a Corporate Breakup
What happens when your co-founder leaves with equity? Are you the sole founder or still a co-founder? This FastCompany column responds, saying that rather than focusing on your title (which should remain “founder”), it is important to shift the focus on developing the company and garnering investor interest.

“I Can Do It All” – The Under-Discussed Reason Why Most Startups Never Make It Past the Initial Stage
Some founders take on so much that not only do they burn out, their begin to fail. This Grit Daily article provides tips on how to dump that mentality and focus on the ability to plan, delegate, and find ways to get out of the hole when a founder tries to do it all. 

Links compiled by Medha Sridhar.