In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of March 28, 2021

  • 4.2.2021

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

The Top Recent African Fintech Funding Rounds including Flutterwave, Adumo and Kuda 
Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation globally and Africa is no exception. The fintech ecosystem in Africa has seen many taking advantage of opportunities in the market. This FinTech Times article summarizes some of the top funding in African fintech recently.

5 Finance Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs
Early stage entrepreneurs juggle turning great ideas into products as well as managing talented teams. However, far too often entrepreneurs fall short in financial literacy. This article by Entrepreneur gives first time entrepreneurs 5 tips on managing their money well.

What Stake Is Retained By Shareholders in Unicorn Startups?
Have you wondered how long it takes for a start-up to achieve the coveted unicorn status? As more and more investors enter the picture, how much do early investors/founders actually get to keep of ? This Tech Bullion article answers these questions and more with simple illustrations.

How to Build an Impartial Board of Directors for Your Startup — and Why It May Be Beneficial to Do So
Entrepreneurs often don’t prioritize creating an independent . Yet, there are good reasons to have one early on in the life of a . This article from SMU Engage explains the challenges faced by in getting the right directors and what entrepreneurs should look for in a director.

New York Sees Startup Funding Spike in 2021
New York has generally been behind Northern California when it comes to tech and venture capital. Recent funding data, however, shows New York catching up. This Crunchbase article explores this trend as well as the diverse New York ecosystem.

Startups and Crowdfunding Limits: SEC Rule Changes
The Securities and Commission (SEC) recently updated its securities offering exemption rules after complaints that they are too complex and burdensome. This article by Bloomberg explains the SEC rule changes and the reasoning behind them.

Links compiled by Elijah Soko.