In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of April 11, 2021

  • 4.16.2021

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

The Market Minute: Want to Take Your Company Public? Here Are Your Options
The conventional route for hoping to make an exit onto the public markets has been the traditional IPO.  However since 2019, companies have begun to take alternative routes to listing their shares. This Crunchbase article outlines the various routes companies can take when considering becoming a .

Will Biden’s Proposed Tax Hikes Prevent Companies from Hiring? 
President Joe Biden is preparing to push forward with a complete overhaul of the nation’s corporate tax code. However a recent survey suggests that most CEO’s don’t agree with the President’s plan. This article from Entrepreneur sheds light on how most corporate CEO’s feel about the prospects of an increased tax rate. 

Where VC’s are Putting Their Money as Cybersecurity Funding Hits Record High
The past year has proven that nothing, not even a pandemic, could slow investors’ appetite for cybersecurity. This article by Crunchbase discusses where VC’s are putting their money now as investors decide to double down. 

4 Questions You’ll Need to Answer to Win VC Funding
Successful founders understand how to build a sustainable competitive advantage. This TNW article outlines the four answers you’ll need to secure the financing necessary to become the next “unicorn.”

SPAC Deals Attract Younger, Less-Funded Digital Health Startups
SPAC’s have taken Wall Street by storm over the past year. This impact has been felt significantly in the digital health market, where there have been more completed or announced SPAC’s by digital health companies in 2021 than there were for the entirety of 2020. This article by MobiHealthNews discusses the prospect of companies hitting the public markets before they’re fully ready. 

Links compiled by Alex Bloom.