In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of May 2, 2021

  • 5.7.2021

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

5 Essential Categories of Diversity All Successful Businesses Share 
Influential leaders rely on a diverse team to help them solve problems and bring unique experiences and perspectives to their company. This Entrepreneur article discusses five categories of diversity in business that are essential to a well-structured team: race and culture, experience, industrial skills, education and training and personality types. 

How Entrepreneurs Can Manage Their Business Finances With Success
The success of a business is dependent on its leaders being mindful of both business finances and personal finances (which, for at least, often provides the financing to back the business). This article by Entrepreneur highlights a few tips for managing personal finances within the business, including, keeping separate accounts, maintaining current and accurate recordkeeping and working with capable tax professionals. 

The Market Minute: SPAC Regulation May Be on the Horizon 
The number of SPACs forming and filing for initial public offerings has slowed down dramatically in the past few weeks. This Crunchbase article discusses certain regulations being considered by the SEC that is responsible for the SPAC slowdown, including regulation curbing often given by companies through SPACs which is a key differentiator and benefit of through a SPAC since a traditional initial public offering does not allow companies to make predictions about future sales.

7 Things Startups Should Know About Selling To Banks 
Many feed on sales but selling into financial institutions, including banks, can take months and require such to jump several loops. This article from BetaKit discusses several key points a sales leader must consider when selling to such institutions, including that their product may not be suitable for all banks even if it was created specifically for banks.

What Are Angel Investors?
While figures vary from year to year, as recently as 2017, investors were responsible for an investment of $25 billion dollars in 70,000 companies. Forbes summarizes the nature of such investments and how they differ from venture capital. 

Links compiled by Shafi Armatis.