In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of June 6, 2021

  • 6.11.2021

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

How to Get Your Business IPO Ready
Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) are one of the most significant landmarks for . However, means holding the company to a higher standard of operation for many entrepreneurs, due to the increased regulatory oversight, enhanced reporting requirements and potential liability. The best possible IPO situation requires planning and strategy. This article from Entrepreneur lists out some of the major categories that public investors are interested in when they are looking for IPO companies to invest in.

How the New Colorado Privacy Act Will Impact Your Business 
Colorado is joining the growing number of states enacting a comprehensive privacy law. As the US lacks a federal consumer privacy law and is instead advancing toward a regulatory landscape governed by the state legislatures, companies need to keep up with the fast-changing nature of regulatory standards. This VentureBeat article provides a breakdown of the Colorado Privacy Act, what is needed for compliance, and what it all means for enterprises.

How Cultural Differences Can Impact Global Teams 
The increased number of remote workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic has helped the growth of global virtual teams, where team are dispersed around the planet and rely on online tools for communication. However, global virtual teams bring the challenges of differences across time zones, languages, cultures and many others. This study conducted by Harvard Business Review identified some of the ways that differences across these global teams can shape how they function. For , understanding how these dynamics work can help keep teams happy and productive.

Emerging Technology Indicator
This Emerging Tech Indicator report by PitchBook provides an overview of the receiving early stage investment from a select group of venture firms in Q1 2021. The report shows that capital investment in decentralized finance had increased, as the funding activity was primarily led by the price strength of core crypto assets in Q1, the emerging market for products such as NFTs, and continued institutional involvement in the space.

Links compiled by Frank Wang.