In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of July 25, 2021

  • 7.30.2021

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

5 Biggest Term Sheet Mistakes Founders Make
Receiving a for a financing is an exciting opportunity for founders. In this DreamIt Dose video, Daniel Zimmermann, co-chair of the Emerging Company and Venture Capital Practice at WilmerHale, discusses the five factors founders should keep in mind while reviewing a , including making sure they understand each term (e.g., the difference between pre-money valuation and post-money valuation, what is being proposed for Board control, the protective provisions, etc.). 

What Is Rainbow Washing? (And How to Avoid It in Your Company) 
The term rainbow-washing refers to when a business, organization or personality uses images and symbols of the LGBTQ + community to promote a product or service without maintaining substantial support for the movement. This article from Entrepreneur discusses ways in which businesses can avoid rainbow washing, including selling inclusive products, supporting inclusive organizations and creating a workplace where people can live and love openly. 

To Make Hybrid Work, Solicit Employees’ Input 
As employers establish their hybrid-work plans, they need to be serious about adapting to employees’ needs by soliciting their input. This HBR article lists specific questions to to get the input businesses need from their employees.

The Delta Variant: How Companies Should Respond
The rapidly spreading Delta variant is forcing employers to rethink how to handle the pandemic. Policies they should reconsider include encouraging or requiring employees to be vaccinated, whether to hold off on having remote workers return to company facilities, rules for social distancing and wearing masks at job sites, ventilation, testing, travel restrictions, communicating exposures, and support for mental health care. This article from HBR advice on how to think through these issues.

The Lessons We Get From “Once-Hot” Startups
This AlleyWatch article discusses a few lessons entrepreneurs can learn from once-hot , including that early successes do not guarantee future wins or long-term success.

Links compiled by Shafi Armatis.