In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of December 12, 2021

  • 12.17.2021

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Your best employee just quit. Should you extend a counteroffer?
Often an employer views the leaving of a trusted employee as the cessation of their relationship, and feels the only action they can take is to provide a counteroffer to entice the employee to stay. According to this article by, the reality is the majority of employees who accept counteroffers will end up leaving the company within the following six to twenty-four months. Instead of just counteroffering, this article proposes several other methods a company can use to build a lasting relationship with a departing employee that can continue to positively impact the employer and employee long after the employee leaves.

Office Hours Column: How (and Why) to Raise Later-Stage Capital
How much capital to raise, and how often, are important questions for a to consider. Spencer Rascoff, co-founder of Zillow, Hotwire, dot.LA, Pacasco and Supernova, tackles these questions in this article by dot.LA and provides advice for how to keep on top of the current momentum in the market that is pushing venture capitalists to continue invest.

8 Things Venture Capitalists Evaluate When Deciding to Invest in Your Startup
It’s obvious that while there are certain venture capitalists that can be useful and trusted advisors to your emerging company, others will be less impactful. Even as you evaluate the merits of venture capitalists that could potentially invest in your company, these VCs are also evaluating your to determine if it is worth their investment. Understanding the considerations they have when evaluating your will help you in your efforts to find and enlist the best VCs for your company. To facilitate this understanding, this article focuses on eight of the most common considerations that VCs evaluate when deciding whether to invest in your company.

The Future of Fast-Changing Industries: How Technology Impacts and Creates New Opportunities for Businesses
Technology is constantly shifting the business landscape, and that has never been more true than during the pandemic. This article focuses both on the current opportunities technology have to meet new consumer and business demands, and how technology is providing new brand new tools to succeed.

8 Venture Capital And Technology Trends To Watch In 2022
With the new year comes new trends and technology that will affect the venture capital world and influence how investors will invest. This article by Forbes examines several trends poised to influence the market in 2022 and areas investors are bound to be keeping an eye on, including the future of remote work, the advance of automation technology, and the current state of global supply chains.

Links compiled by John Koerper.