In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of February 6, 2022

  • 2.11.2022

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

European Unicorns Raise Funding at Incredible Pace
Investments in European Unicorn companies have quadrupled year over year with companies raising over multiple . This Crunchbase article discusses a few of the companies that are leading the way and the industries they have tapped into.

Three Business Pivots that Survived the Pandemic and are Here to Stay
Due to COVID-19 lockdowns, many businesses struggled to operate. Business owners were forced to make certain pivots in order to stay afloat. This Forbes article discusses some of those pivots and how they are actually here to stay.

3 Ways Startups 'Do ESG' Well
The prioritization of ESG in the corporate environment has grown increasingly important for investors. This article by GreenBiz discusses briefly discusses the themes that should be incorporating into their companies in order to stay ahead.

Security VC Hit Nearly $30B in 2021, With Startups Rapidly Going From 'Zero to Billions'
A growing fear of cyber-attacks has led to enormous VC funding into cybersecurity companies. This article from VentureBeat discusses the various sectors that are attracting funding, and how the industry’s growth isn’t slowing down.

France’s Strategy for EU Startup Policies: Talent and Money
The EU, largely led by France, is trying to tap into Europe’s tech ecosystem by building up its European Nations Alliance. TechCrunch discusses the different policy initiatives the EU is discussing in order remain competitive in the “digital transformation.”

Links compiled by Giancarlos Rodriguez.