In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of February 13, 2022

  • 2.18.2022

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Surprising Laws That May Apply to Your Small Business
Regulatory non-compliance can have devastating consequences for small businesses. Yet staying ahead in an area that is constantly shifting and complex is no easy feat. From hiring freelancers to workers’ compensation insurance, this article from Business News Daily aims to highlight federal and state laws of which every small business should be aware.

Startup Leaders are Asking Congress to Preserve a Tax Law Involving Equity
While the Build Back Better act remains in limbo, leaders are speaking up to ensure the survival of a start-up friendly tax rule contained within. This article discusses the Qualified Small Business rule, which provides tax benefits that proponents claim encourage development and provide incentives for investors.

The Top Challenges for Entrepreneurs in America in 2022
This Forbes article highlights some of the challenges that American entrepreneurs can anticipate in 2022. Overall, the current market presents with a number of external and intrinsic factors to manage. As this article discusses potential pitfalls, there is an reminder that within each obstacle remains opportunities to adapt and grow.

When There are No IPOs, All Eyes are On the Secondary Market
During a quiet public market, shareholders seeking in the short-term have become more active in secondary markets. EquityZen and Forge are two platforms discussed in this Crunchbase article that facilitate the buying and selling of shares before a company’s IPO. Although this is enticing for a company that isn’t any time soon, it may come with the cost of selling shares at lower prices.

5 Myths That May Be Causing Your Startup to Stall
According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, entrepreneurship is on the rise with more than 582 million people embarking on the journey to create a new business. In an increasingly competitive market, it is even more important to focus attention and resources on the right strategies for success. This article from Entrepreneur seeks to debunk five myths and misconceptions that entrepreneurs need to avoid when starting their business.

Links compiled by Ashton Kennedy.