In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of March 20, 2022

  • 3.25.2022

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

4 Keys to Grow and Scale Your Startup 
One common thread between all types of is navigating the pathways between growth and scaling. The critical difference from growth is that scale is achieved by increasing without incurring significant costs. While all must grow, founders who want to succeed have to consider how scaling will be attained. This Entrepreneur article lists out four concepts for founders to implement to scale successfully. These concepts include mastering the power of digital advertising, building and maintaining an effective support network, maximizing time and resources by outsourcing sales and meeting the needs of an informed customer base.

Debt Financing Could Heat Up as Venture Capital Slows
As global venture funding in February 2022 fell by $10 billion month over month, the venture capital market seems to be in the midst of an adjustment. However, the market appears to be heating up. Different kinds of asset-backed debt have become popular, as this type of debt can be secured by assets and loans that generate. In addition, debt can give cash they need while not diluting the stakes of founders and shareholders. As equity capital becomes more expensive, experts expect that will have a record year. Learn more in this article from Crunchbase.

How Cap Table Planning Can Ensure Your Startup’s Growth 
Investors often want their returns back through proper share management. One way to ensure that shares are properly managed is through planning. The is a document that lists all of the company’s shareholders and their percentage of ownership. This Info article lists out some of the ways that properly created and maintained can help grow. As noted in this article, proper planning can help avoid potential disputes among founders, ensure comply with securities law, help understand their of ownership, track ’s progress in terms of equity and help raise money by presenting clear equity .

4 Steps to Bring More Much-Needed Diversity to Startup Culture 
A September 2021 Glassdoor survey found that 76 percent of employees and job seekers prioritize a diverse culture when weighing job . It is clear that diversity and representation are ingrained in the decision-making processes for every company. However, creating a diverse culture can often be challenging for , as founders face other stressful priorities. This Entrepreneur article lists out some strategies for founders who want to guide their businesses to be more diverse and representative. These strategies include seeking out outside diversity groups, pushing hard for more diverse applicants and hires, putting someone in charge of diversity and inclusion and being able to reflect diversity of life experiences.

Links compiled by Frank Wang.