In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of May 1, 2022

  • 5.6.2022

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

How DEI and Sustainability Can Grow Your Triple Bottom Line
Incorporating the principles of sustainability (environment, economics and equity) and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) could help take a business to the next level. This Entrepreneur article discusses how creating an inclusive and diverse workspace will not only retain employees but also promote innovation and growth.

Cash Is King But Could Stock Rule In M&A Transactions?
With cash and becoming more important in the current economic landscape, companies are including more as part of the consideration mix. This article from Crunchbase discusses important considerations for sellers to evaluate when their deal proceeds include any mix of as it has both benefits and risks.

What The High Interest Rates Mean For Startup Founders
founders have faced a myriad of challenges in the last few years. With strong sings of higher interest rates, founders may now see funding begin to dry up. Money may turn to less riskier investments which would make raising capital difficult for and scale-ups. This Forbes article provides advice for any founder to keep in mind.

3 Lessons Learned From Building a Software Startup
Having a valued at over one billion is no easy feat. In this article by VentureBeat, the founder of a Dallas unicorn discusses three lessons that he have helped him raise millions in series funding in a short amount of time.

How Companies Can Prepare for a Long Run of High Inflation
Recent events including the war in Ukraine and the continued supply chain crisis have made it more difficult to reduce inflation. This HBR article provides seven strategies for companies to combat long lasting inflation, such as short-term survival taking precedence over long-term growth and having a complete understanding of your capital structure in order to see how your business would be affected by an increase in interest rates.

Links compiled by Giancarlos Rodriguez.