In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of April 19, 2015

  • 4.27.2015

Some interesting links we found for you across the web:

Vox: I met Elon Musk when we were teenagers. Here's what he showed me about the insane demands of success.
Elon Musk’s ex reflects on what made him successful. Spoiler alert: “Extremely successful people are unlikely to be reading stuff like this.”

Chicago Tribune: How to think about security at startups: it's a never-ending job 
Buffer CTO Sunil Sadasivan discusses a security breach suffered at Buffer and what he learned about and what’s an “appropriate” level of cybersecurity.

Computer Weekly: UK startups facing too many challenges, say entrepreneurs
An interesting take on what makes an innovation ecosystem through the lens of one that is, by some participants’ accounts at least, struggling: the UK.

The New Yorker: “Code” and the Quest for Inclusive Software
The New Yorker’s take on Tribeca Film Festival’s “The Code: Debugging the Gender Gap” discussing the film, Silicon Valley’s gender imbalance phenomenon and efforts to “change the ratio.”

VentureBeat: Watch what ‘open’ startups earn in real time with this handy tool
As private company data becomes more available publicly through the launch of “Open ,” additional data about the decision to make company financial data available also becomes available. In some cases, open financials are good for business.

Links compiled by former Associate Daniel Doktori.