In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of June 14, 2015

  • 6.19.2015

Some interesting links we found across the web for this week:

Inside Obama's Stealth Startup 
Fast Company looks at the how recruiter-in-chief President Obama is asking the nation's top tech talent to come to work for a new called the US Government.

The Last Mover Advantage
Columnist Tom Goodwin walks through the differences between First Mover, Perfect Mover and Last Mover advantages, and why our intuitions about each may contradict the reality.

Uber Worker Ruling Highlights the Legal Troubles of a Sharing Economy 
Los Times covers the controversial California Labor Commission ruling that Uber drivers are employees, not independent contractors, triggering a range of additional responsibilities (and taxes) for Uber and implicating other sharing economy businesses. As AOL founder Steve Case recently wrote in The Washington Post, as the 'internet' becomes further integrated into our lives, regulatory policy will increasingly impact business strategy.

Etsy Tests Crowdfunding Venture 
As Etsy, New York Tech's biggest-ever exit, struggles in the public markets, it's exploring entering the business; quilted dollar bills only, please.

FitBit opens 52% higher in market debut 
On the heels of FitBit's wildly successful IPO, CNBC looks at the wearable tech competitive landscape and FitBit's ability to remain on top as heavyweights like Apple and Google enter the fray.

Bonus (behind paywall):
3 Tips For Pitching A Start-Up
How lawyers pitch as clients. With insight from WilmerHale Partner Dave Gammell, among others.

Links compiled by former Associate Daniel Doktori.