In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of August 23, 2015

  • 8.28.2015

Some interesting links we found across the web for this week:

16 Startup Metrics
In a "KPI" world, the folks at venture capital behemoth Andreesen Horowitz their take on 16 key metrics used to describe company performance. Excellent insight here.

Tech Founders Share Plans for Surviving the Bubble Burst
From the annals of "that'll never happen to me," entrepreneurs reveal their plans for surviving the bubble bursting. Spoiler alert: they don't see a crash hurting their businesses.

Comic book teaches children how to become startup superheroes
The Guardian reports on a new comic book called "My First ." Because lil' Tanya and Kevin prefer unicorns to superheroes.

A Venture Capital History Perspective From Jack Tankersley
For those who followed the Jerry Neuman 'Venture Capital in the 1980s' blog post (available here), a mentor of prominent VC and blogger Brad Feld an interesting counterpoint. History matters. 

Zirtual and the Decline of Corporate Governance
General Assembly Co-Founder Brad Hargreaves takes VC-lead boards of directors to task for falling in their responsibilities and creating opportunities for mass layoffs at a moment’s notice. Brad reminds us all that employ, you know, actual people. We should care about their wellbeing. And by "we" Brad means the board.

Links compiled by former Associate Daniel Doktori.