In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of September 27, 2015

  • 10.2.2015

Some interesting links we found across the web for this week:

What Taking on Google Taught me About Startup Traction
DuckDuckGo founder Gabriel Weinberg tells the story—with specific, actionable detail—of how he took on Google to build a “New Search Engine.”

The ‘Oh, Shit!’ Moment When Growth Stops
Star operator-turned-investor Jeff Jordan details what to do when growth stops. Spoiler alert: “FREAK OUT.” Jordan shows you how.

AARP Starts $40 Million Venture Fund for Technology for Seniors
This just in from the pages of “Tech Bubble News”: AARP is starting its own venture fund. Unofficial motto: “This IS your grandfather’s .”

Collective Wisdom (Founder Collective)
Cool new resource from Eric Paley and the folks at Founder Collective. Includes podcasts, articles and video to provide insight into the process. But, as Paley warns, “you can’t read yourself to a seed round.” Guess you’ll have to watch the videos and listen to the podcasts instead... 

If your startup team isn’t on-track, try this
Short and sweet take by eBay product director Alex Weinstein on why “Why?” is the most important question a needs to and answer. Replete with references to a-holes and solid waste (Why? Click the link to find out!).

Links compiled by former Associate Daniel Doktori.