In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of February 14, 2016

  • 2.19.2016

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Newest VCs: 7-Eleven, Vitamin Shoppe, JetBlue Airways launch venture operations
Looking for a one-stop shop for slurpees and early stage investment? Corporations that set up venture capital arms brand recognition and market access, but they come with specific, strong interests that may not align with those of founders.

How In Hypergrowth Mode Can Tackle Diversity Before It's A Problem
Diversity (or its absence) has increasingly been a spotlight issue for large and prominent organizations. Here is a take on how meaningful diversity at a company’s early stages can help the company to remain diverse as it grows.

Convertible Note Pricing Could Get Uglier
In light of expectations that valuations may decrease, now is the time to understand how notes will convert during a new financing round. Those pursuing convertible note financings should make sure they understand the conversion mechanism from the outset. (We blogged about convertible notes recently.)

Why entrepreneurs still bolt from Boston
Boston is a leading hub, but sees many of its entrepreneurs move to the West Coast. See the following article—are the two related?

Silicon Valley Keeps Winning Because Non-Competes Limit Innovation
“Human capital in California does whatever the hell it wants.” This article points to California’s non-compete curbs as a key ingredient in the success of Silicon Valley. Founders in all jurisdictions should be aware of the limits on non-compete clauses, and should focus on the implications for their company in addition to the implications for employees. 

Links compiled by John Wagner.