In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of April 24, 2016

  • 4.29.2016

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

House of Representatives approves bill requiring for email searches
It was a productive week on the Hill, as the House passed the Email Privacy Act, updating 30-year old rules for police access to stored electronic communications, and the HALOS Act, which makes it easier for groups of angel investors to sponsor pitch events. Down the street from Congress, the Supreme Court weighed in on FBI hacking authority. And over at CB Insights, an analyst dreams of tech-friendly governance and regulation. 

What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Investing in
As reaction to Bill Gurley’s recent essay on the unicorn market continues, this U.S. News piece is a trove of great thoughts from founders and investors in uncertain times. At least one VC wonders if a new model lies ahead, and on a new episode of Re/code’s podcast, Keith Rabois warns about wasteful management.

Why So Many Doctors Are Advising
Health tech is a growth area of the market, and doctors are pivoting toward it, whether for money, for fun or for the common good, as Fast Company details.

How to Hire for a
Good advice and worth a bookmark for early-stage companies. Choose wisely…

Google to encourage employee
…And then, once you’ve hired them and scaled up, don’t be shocked if their minds wander to side projects. Although employee entrepreneurship is certainly concerning to small and mid-size companies, tech titans are fighting attrition with in-house venture funds and incubators.

Links compiled by Jared Brenner.