In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of June 12, 2016

  • 6.17.2016

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Zuckerberg’s Venture to Invest in Startup Andela
Topping the fundraising news this week is Mark Zuckerberg’s investment in Andela, a highly selective talent accelerator connecting African software developers with American tech companies. We’re very proud to have represented Andela in this transaction and can’t wait to see what’s next for them!

A huge win on net neutrality could embolden the FCC to tighten regulations in other areas
On the regulatory front, the DC Circuit ruled strongly in favor of the FCC’s net neutrality rules, a historic victory for many and digital rights activists. The ruling sets up a Supreme Court battle for the ages, and we’ll be watching. Recode sums it up, but check out more links to good coverage

Andreessen Sees Big Exits for Tech Startups in Next Wave
Per Bloomberg, the legendary tech investor predicts a venture upswing in the next two years, despite recent perceptions of a down market and only one tech IPO so far this year. (Be sure to click through to the CB Insights unicorn list—definitely worth a save for reference!) 

Silicon Valley startup plans new stock exchange that activist investors will hate
Meanwhile, Marc Andreesen is also working with Eric Ries of “Lean ” fame on an entirely new incentivizing long-term investment. It’s a fascinating idea, but faces many regulatory challenges to get off the ground. Stay tuned! 

When You Know It's Time To Pull The Plug On A Startup
Some say early-stage companies should fail fast and fail often, learning from mistakes as they grow. But when and how do you move on for good? Quick thoughts from Fast Company on the topic no one loves to discuss. 

What Venture Capitalists Look For In A Blockchain Startup
based on the blockchain technology behind bitcoin are the hottest trend in the fintech sub-market. If you’re one of them, this collection of thoughts from blockchain VCs is a must-read. (As you'll remember, we're a sponsor of this summer’s Startupbootcamp FinTech New York accelerator.)  

What investors want from venture capital firms
Speaking of VCs, don’t forget that they have bosses, too! TechCrunch takes a quick look at how VCs raise the funds you want them to spend on you. Click through to the Cambridge study for more. 

Far From Silicon Valley, Cuba Cultivates Startup Scene
Finally, we love to keep a global perspective on the market, but we weren’t quite expecting Cuba to enter the picture. Infrastructure and fundraising challenges dominate the scene today, but could it change in the years ahead? Only time will tell. 

Links compiled by Jared Brenner.