In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of July 17, 2016

  • 7.22.2016

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Why You Don’t Need to Found Your Startup in Silicon Valley
have the potential to thrive in places less "trendy" than California. Check out this article by WilmerHale Partner Ed Pease to identify ways to make your small business flourish in any city.

The Changing Face of Data Breaches
WilmerHale Partner Ben Powell identifies new issues with data breaches and cloud storage in the realm of cybersecurity. Companies should look at data breach trends to protect client information and comply with ever-changing laws. Click this article to see how cyber issues with data manifest themselves.

Maturing FinTech Startups Find Paths Into Established Financial Firms
WilmerHale sponsored an event with Startupbootcamp where 10 spoke to bank executives about their businesses. WilmerHale attorneys worked with the teams for the last three months to prepare their presentations. The event promoted discussion about new ways for financial systems to interface with customers through APIs.

Raising Startup Capital? These Tips Will Help You Find Angel Investors
investors are invaluable to a in its early stages. Emotional connections and effective marketing for fundraising will help attract more investors. Interested in reeling in investors?

Babson Report Reveals Where Startups Get Funding – and it’s Not Just VCs
Although venture capital funding is touted as the holy grail of funding, a recent report done by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor shows VC as one of many sources of financing for entrepreneurs. The list also included family, government and campaigns as sources for funding. Check out this article for a ranking of the most popular sources.

Why There can Only be one Batman at Your Company 
Co-founders can be a valuable for a successful company, as long as both founders see eye-to-eye. As your company grows, it will be important to avoid friction by establishing a clear hierarchy on certain issues. This article outlines certain areas a single voice is necessary and how your company can stay united. 

Links compiled by Morgan Monroe.