In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of July 24, 2016

  • 7.29.2016

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Don’t Make Founders’ Equity Even
In case you missed it, our very own Gary Schall is featured in TechCrunch this week with some free advice for early-stage founders: resist the temptation to start off splitting your company equally among the founders. An even split seems simple and fair in the moment, but it could be big trouble down the road.

Internet Providers Won’t Rest Until the Government’s Net-Neutrality Rules are Dead
It’s far from the biggest story in Washington these days, but don’t lose sight of the ongoing court battle over net neutrality, in which a trade association representing cell carriers has requested a rehearing by the DC Circuit, delaying an inevitable Supreme Court challenge to the Circuit Court’s upholding net neutrality rules.

EU Privacy Watchdogs Say They’ll Keep an Open Mind on Their New US Data Pact
Across the pond, privacy advocates object to the new Privacy Shield framework for data transfers from European users to American tech companies, but there’s good news for our tech titans this week: opponents will wait a year before challenging the deal, to see if their fears of overreach by US law enforcement are realized.

Brands Born Online, Reshaping the Retail Landscape
Decidedly analog products are empowered by digital ads and online retail more than ever before, and investors are noticing. Check out this profile of a few market challengers in The New York Times.

Chief of Staff, a Critical Role Among High Growth
The title sounds odd outside the political arena, but a good Chief of Staff can make all the difference in executing a CEO’s long- and short-term vision. If you’ve raised money and are scaling, give it some serious thought.

Links compiled by Jared Brenner.