In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of December 11, 2016

  • 12.16.2016

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Here’s what that new Fed rate increase means for venture-backed startups
The US Federal Reserve made headlines this week by raising its benchmark interest rate for only the second time since the recession. TechCrunch breaks down the impact on ventures at all stages, noting that early-stage companies are least likely to struggle as a result of the change.

Federal Reserve Exploring Blockchain Options
Elsewhere at the Fed, a long-awaited first research paper on distributed ledger technology was just released to the public. Will government attempt to control the uncontrollable by accepting and regulating anonymous currency? Watch this space in 2017! (Bonus link: a great piece from Entrepreneur, arguing that fintech regulation makes it harder for you to bootstrap, but empowers your VC to be a key regulatory middleman.)

A VC Explains Why It Takes So Long for Startups to Raise Money
When time for your next (or first) financing round, don’t be too bold to overestimate how long it will take to both reach a and close the deal. Unrealistic views on that process can be a critical error by any founding team. Via Forbes, we like these thoughts on the subject from a partner at Voyager Capital.

The Funding Conundrum for Women-Oriented Businesses
And, unfortunately, you should budget even more time if you’re a female founder or marketing primarily to women. The gender gap in entrepreneurship remains astounding, but if this report is any indication, there are plenty of great role models out there doing something about it. 

NVCA-Deloitte Human Capital Survey
Speaking of demographics, the National Venture Capital Association (creators of a famous set of form documents that power most financings these days) recently partnered with Deloitte to study employment in the venture capital industry. It’s important to know your investors, but with a report like this you can also get to know those they work with every day. Definitely worth a save.

Links compiled by Jared Brenner.