In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of February 5, 2017

  • 2.10.2017

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Why Was the Winter for Venture Capital Funding so Short?
While we all thought winter was coming, it looks like VCs are already enjoying spring thanks to the “global warming” of the worldwide startup ecosystem. TechCrunch takes a look at the numbers and trends behind the brief cooling off of startup investing last year.

Restricting H-1Bs Could Make it Harder for America’s Startups to Stay Competitive
Startups think global when it comes to recruiting future world-class scientists and engineers to the US. Major changes to the H-1B Visa could stunt economic growth and keep young and hungry tech talent from coming to our shores to help make great startups.

Brooklyn and Berlin Connect Their Growing Startup Scenes (audio)
Two hip startup hubs and their transatlantic collaboration. Marketplace delves into how Brooklyn and Berlin are helping each other build better entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The Startup Studio Effect: How Hollywood's Movie Model Applies to the Startup World
Blockbuster IPOs, celebrity entrepreneurs, and even Leo as a VC advisor—Hollywood and startup world are overlapping more than ever. Entrepreneur examines how startup studios are now taking lessons from their Hollywood counterparts in building companies. 

A Few Unicorns Are No Substitute for a Competitive, Innovative Economy
We all love unicorns, but we can't rely on their magic alone to grow an innovation economy. HBR takes a wider perspective on our unicorn obsession and discusses how they fit into the economy at-large. 

Startup Valuation: A Brief Introduction
Nothing like some venture math to start your weekend. Here’s a helpful guide to thinking like a VC and understanding some core terms and concepts around early-stage startup valuations. 

Links compiled by Bill Warren.