In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of July 2, 2017

  • 7.7.2017

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Learn The Basics of Startup Funding, From Incorporation to Series A
Starting a business? Tech.Co a crash course in incorporation and funding.

How this year’s tech IPOs have fared so far
TechCrunch reviews this year’s mixed performance by tech IPOs.

5 Considerations When Setting Your M&A Goals
Before entering a merger or acquisition, the focus should be on the benefits to the business and its shareholders. Forbes provides key questions to consider before committing to the deal.

SEC Will Allow All Companies to File Secretly for IPOs
The SEC recently extended the for confidential IPO filings to all companies.

Why Too Many New Ideas Can Kill Your Startup
Beware! That new idea might be a distraction from your venture.

Links compiled by Nicolette Anagnos.