In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of August 6, 2017

  • 8.11.2017

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

Congratulations, Your Startup Is Profitable! Now What?
Becoming cashflow positive can be exciting and emboldening. This article shares some useful tips on how to manage your new opportunities, including advice on allocating and spending funds, raising capital in the future, and maintaining a healthy as you continue to grow.

Markets are strong, but big startup M&A deals just aren’t happening
Wondering why you haven’t read about lots of tech mergers and acquisitions lately? TechCrunch examines the current state of play, and points to late-stage fundraising and a more appealing IPO process as alternative avenues that some companies are exploring instead.

What Good Managers Need to Know Before Talking Salary With Employees
Conversations regarding pay can be difficult for both the and the employee, especially when there is confusion, surprise, or the appearance of inequity involved. Find some helpful advice to prepare for these discussions here.

How CEOs Can Work with an Active Board
Across companies of different sizes and sectors, boards have become more active and more critical of management and performance. Harvard Business Review sets out strategies for more effective communication and relationship development with board , both individually and collectively.  

5 Red Flags That Inexperienced Entrepreneurs Must Avoid To Attract Investors
Today, investors are taking a closer look at the books and records of before funding. Appear more professional, organized and knowledgeable about your company with the help of suggested software programs and industry research described in this article.

Links compiled by Cara Fonseca