In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of October 1, 2017

  • 10.6.2017

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

You Will Care About Intellectual Property Sooner or Later
Consider why IP is, or likely will be, critical to your business.

4 Ways to Effectively Market Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign
The enables new ways for and small businesses to get funding. This article advises how to successfully woo the crowd.

Startup Accelerators Have Become More Popular in Emerging Markets — and They’re Working
Harvard Business Review
describes accelerator programs’ effects on in emerging markets and advice to improve them.

5 Trends Transforming the World of Venture Capital
Here are several trends in the VC market, provided by a self-proclaimed outsider of the VC world.

Links compiled by Nicolette Anagnos.