In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of January 28, 2018

  • 2.2.2018

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

The Ultimate Guide to Raising Venture Debt Funding for Startups
Venture debt may be a timely tool to finance an acquisition or to raise growth capital, all while avoiding . However, should themselves these four key questions before leveraging their company. Check out this Inc42 article to learn more.

How Pre-Product ICOs Kill Companies
ICOs raised more than $4.6 billion last year, mostly by that didn’t even have a product yet. How early is too early to dip into community investing? Read this VentureBeat article for important considerations to holding an ICO.

5 Ways to Catch a VC’s Attention in Your Pitch
VC’s are getting pitched all day, every day. Since VC’s poured a staggering $84 billion into companies across the US in 2017, it’s important to nail your pitch to land a piece of the pie. Romulus Capital shares five ways to stand out in your pitch.

GDPR: A Playbook for Compliance
If you do not know what effect General Data Protection Reliance may have on your company, its time to tune in. With up to 4% of your company’s global on the line, every level of your company’s staff plays a role in this EU data privacy regulation. This playbook by VentureBeat will keep you informed.

Paris is City of Fintech Love for Seeking Hookups
A touch of Parisian romance can now been seen through the lenses of FinTech companies partnering with big banks. Check out this Bloomberg article to see how these are optimizing these connections.

Links compiled by Morgan Monroe.