In Case You Missed It: Launch Links - Week of April 29, 2018

  • 5.4.2018

Some interesting links we found across the web this week:

FinTech Venture Funding Continues to Rise
The first quarter of 2018 proved that 2017’s thriving market for VC-funded FinTech deals continues its hot streak, with a record-setting 323 deals closed totaling $5.4 billion, and a dozen FinTech companies closing “mega-deals” raising over $100 million each. Get the scoop on rising company valuations, emerging unicorns, and other industry in this article.

When should a startup seek capital? Is more money always better?
This article helps founders navigate the decision-making process behind fundraising. When? How much? From who? Do we actually need it? Sometimes outside capital isn’t always the best answer, and can come with some unwanted constraints. But, if you plan to pursue external investment , read to learn what to look for in the right VC partner.

Launching Today...The Institute For Block Chain Innovation
The world of crypto currency and block chain technology moves at breakneck speed. This week, it took another step forward when the Institute of Blockchain Innovation was launched, designed as a platform to share ideas, explore new trends and provide global thought leadership on all things block chain. Find out more about the Institute, including its objective to establish some guardrails for the industry to enable it to mature and become mainstream.

Why some VCs are investing in hardware startups
FinTech, biotech, app development—these seem to have been the targets of venture capitalists in recent years, but breaking into and across many other industries are raising interest—and soon to be raising dollars. This article includes a transcript of a very interesting panel discussing the resurgence of hardware, as well as the new disruptive technologies shaking up Silicon Valley and beyond.

Links compiled by Cara Fonseca.